What is the Largest Cat in the World?


Ever been curious about the largest cat in the world?

Well, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, there are two different ways to determine this:

By height (measured from paw to top of the shoulder), and length (measured from nose to tail).

Today, we talk about the tallest and the longest domestic cats in the world, along with the overall largest cat – it’s not what you may expect!

World’s Tallest Cat: Arcturus Aldebaran Powers

tallest cat

A Savannah cat from Southfield, Michigan, is currently the tallest domestic cat, measuring at just over 19 inches from shoulder to paw.

Unfortunately, she passed away in 2017 due to a house fire, but before that, she shared her home with Cygnus, who held the record for the longest domestic cat tail (17.58 inches).

Before Arcturus was Trouble, who was also a Savannah cat (Savannah cats tend to be the largest domestic species of cat as a whole). Trouble measured at exactly 19 inches before passing away in 2012 – Arcturus beat him by just a few centimeters!

Trouble was the successor of Scarlett’s Magic (also a Savannah cat), who measured at 18.07 inches. 

World’s Longest Cat: Barviel

longest cat

Barivel is a Maine Coon who lives in Italy! This cat measures at 3 feet, 11.2 inches from nose to tail. In the local dialect of his hometown, Vigevano, Pavia, Barivel means “clown” or “jolly”.

Barivel has his own Instagram page – check out his daily life @barivel_maine_coon.

Prior to Barivel, Stewie was the longest cat for many years before passing away in 2013. Also a Maine Coon, Stewie measured at a whopping 48.5 inches (or just over 4 feet)!

Between Stewieand Barivel, Ludo had a short stint in the spot light, measuring at 3.88 feet long (just hairs shorter than Barivel).

Isn’t it interesting how Maine Coons dominate length, and Savannah cats dominate height?

World’s Largest Cat: Hercules

largest cat

Hercules is not a domestic cat (obviously), but he should still be appreciated for his size and influence!

Hercules is an adult male liger (a mix of a tiger and a lion – yes, they do exist!) who measures at 3.33 meters from nose to tail, stands at 1.25 meters, and weighs 922 lbs.!

Other large wild cats include Siberian Tigers, which can reach a top weight 0f 700 lbs. for males and a length of 3 feet, with a height of 3.2 feet.

Bengal Tigers are the third largest cat, weighing at roughly 570 lbs. at top weight.

What is your favorite cat breed? Would you consider spending a day with Hercules? Comment your answers below!

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